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20160410_175458Sixteen Classic Books and CD albums you can now purchase, in posh editions, including CDs with hundreds of stories and games for Windows.

This is a life time opportunity, to purchase the whole package, or individual books and CDs. We only have a few left and 20% of every purchase will go towards the needs of Zenon Education school student needs.

The series were published and bound by “National Geographic” a stamp of quality and authenticity. NGWW_Header_Australia

Zenon families are able to also get a special discount at pickup. Just include your family name when picking up the deal.

The whole box of 16 at $80

Each box contains (click ‘Add to cart’ button below selecting the book/cd of your choice if you don’t want the whole box above):

  1. H Ελλάδα μας (our Greece) 1 book with cd at $10
  2. Περιβάλλον και Πλανήτης (Earth and the Environment) 1 book with cd at $10
  3. Ζώα της Ελλάδας (Animals of Greece) 1 book with cd at $10
  4. Σύγχρονη Ζωή (Modern Life) 1 book with cd at $10
  5. Φυσικά Φαινόμενα (Natural Phenomena) 1 book with cd at $10
  6. Ζώα του Νερού (Water Animals) 1 book with cd at $10
  7. Ελληνική Μυθολογία (Greek Mythology) 1 book with cd at $10
  8. Βιολογία & Άνθρωπος (Biology & Man) 1 book with cd at $10
  9. Η Ευρώπη μας (Europe) 1 book with cd at $10
  10. Οι Υπολογιστές μας (Computers) 1 book with cd at $10
  11. Ζώα της Στεριάς (Land Animals) 1 book with cd at $10
  12. Λέξεις και Γλώσσα (Words and Language) 1 book with cd at $10
  13. Αριθμοί και Αριθμητική (Numbers and Maths) 1 book with cd at $10
  14. Χριστούγεννα και Πρωτοχρονιά (Christmas and New Year) 1 book with cd at $10
  15. Κατασκευές (Constructions) 1 book with cd at $10
  16. Δέντρα και Φυτά (Trees and Plants) 1 book with cd at $10



Sample book cover size ~ A4

1 book with cd at $10

2 at $15 a bundle

3 at $20 a bundle 


Please note that mail delivery costs are additional and depend on the amount purchased, if you prefer not to pickup. However a typical single book mail-out within Australia costs $10. The whole box about $50, depending on State of Australia.