Dear parent and family,

This year Zenon Education will be taking part at the annual Greek Independence Day march. We endeavour to instil in our students pride of their heritage, history and language and at the same time provide opportunities for them to participate in events that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We are therefore inviting you to bring your children along to the Shrine on this day.

DATE: Sunday 26th  March 2017 at the Shrine of Remembrance, in the city.

TIME: Meeting 12:00pm the very latest, the march will commence at 12:30pm.

MEETING PLACE: Service lane on St. Kilda Rd, south of Linlithgow Ave (like we do every year), in front of the Shrine and we will have a school number to be announced later.

Students will learn in class about the history behind a struggle of independence. Hence we ask that parents assist the school in this important lesson and make the effort to come as a family outing. Parents of the very young children can march beside them up to the first steps of the Shrine to support and encourage them.

DRESS CODE: Students should be wearing their Zenon Polo-top, with black or navy blue pants and black shoes. Girls can wear a skirt (black or navy blue). No runners please. Students who have a Greek national costume, are encouraged to wear it. Students can also bring a small Greek flag if they have one.

ZENON POLO-SHIRT: Zenon Polo-tops are available from the school at $25 each. Please contact us if you don’t have one yet.

HOW TO REGISTER: If your child/ren are participating in this event please register them as soon as possible.  For your convenience this is the link to the march registration page - .

Come early to find parking and you can have a family picnic later weather permitting. If it’s a hot day, you should also bring along a hat and water bottle and don’t forget to put on some sunscreen cream.


Best wishes,
Andrea Garivaldis


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