Chocolate Fundraiser

Dear Parent,

We’re about to kick off a fundraising drive to raise money to support our Greek School. It would be great if you could roll up your sleeves and help. The good news is that this fundraiser is super simple… and delicious.

Every box of chocolates we sell will go a long way to help cover costs of books and materials for our students. So we’re asking all families of Zenon Greek School to sell at least one box for us. Feel free to grab extra boxes if you’ve got lots of hungry buyers lined up!

The boxes will be sent home with students on Friday 26th May 2017.

If you do not wish to participate please reply to this email immediately. In case we don't see you on this day, your chocolate box will be given to you the following week.

Tips for selling your chocs

• Sell to family members, colleagues, friends or neighbours

• We don’t recommend that children sell the products – if they are involved, please ensure an adult is with them at all times

Other useful information

Please return your money collected to the class teacher in the envelope provided by Friday 30th June 2017 at the latest

We’re confident that this fundraising drive will help us reach our goal of raising $2000 to recover some costs for costumes, sound equipment, books and other resources.

Thanks for your support
Andrea Garivaldis


Zenon Education is communicating with families mainly using email. Please ensure that our email address is in your safe emails list; otherwise our messages may end up in spam folders.