Your Account at Zenon 

Dear Parent,

For your urgent attention 

We are writing to you because there still seems to be an outstanding amount in your account statement for semester 1. The amount $ is overdue and needs to be paid now.

Zenon Education finances solely rest on the contribution of parents for its activities, teaching staff, hiring of venues and material expenses. We always prepay everywhere when we use a service or a product. So please be kind enough to now settle the above outstanding amount for Greek language and culture tuition of .

Two methods of payment are offered by Zenon. Either in cash at the school or by bank transfer (details of which you will find with the previous account statement).

Thank you
Iakovos Garivaldis


Zenon Education is communicating with families mainly using email. Please ensure that our email address is in your safe emails list; otherwise our messages may end up in spam folders.