Dear Parents, 

We have four important announcements for you:

No classes next Friday 9th June - Teachers' Professional Development 

Next Friday there are NO Greek classes at Malvern Valley as the teachers will be involved in Professional Development on Assessment and Reporting.

This will be a student free day. 

School Fundraising

Last week, your family received a box of Cadbury chocolates to sell in order to support our school. This Fundraising is to raise much needed funds to pay mainly for some of the books our students are being provided with this year. 

The material expenses incurred so far in 2017 amount to $3,270. These are made from producing, compiling and printing: 

• junior classes workbooks "Παρέα με την Αλφαβήτα", "Χέρι χέρι με την Αλφαβήτα" and "Το τραγούδι της Αλφαβήτας"

• senior classes grammar books “Η Γραμματική μου” and a number of textbooks brought from Greece. 

• Purchase of an amplifier used for our Greek Dancing classes

A special thank you to the wonderful group of mums who assisted in distributing the chocolate boxes last week.

Finally we ask you to return the money collected from the chocolate sales to the school as soon as possible.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

The parent-Teacher Interview times are on our website and you can book your interview time to see your children's teachers and collect your reports if you haven’t done so already.


End of Term 2

The students' last class will be Friday 23rd June.

Friday 30th June will be the day when you will have the opportunity to see your children's teachers and collect your report. We encourage students to accompany their parents to meet the teacher together. 

Term 3 begins on Friday 21st July 2017