Parent Teacher Interviews

Dear Parent,

As mentioned in a previous communication here is the opportunity for you to come and see your child/ren's Greek teacher to discuss their progress and collect the mid-year report.

Please try and book an appointment as soon as possible, if you haven't already done so, especially if you have more than one child at Zenon.

All Interview times can be accessed by clicking on this link. Another method is to select the "Make An Appointment" menu option on the website under "Contact Us". Then you can select the "School location" first, the "Year / Class" and finally the Teacher.

P.T. Interview Dates: Tuesday 27th June, Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July.

Zenon teachers are looking forward to seeing you on this day!


School Fundraising

Families received a box of Cadbury chocolates to sell in order to support our school. This Fundraising is to raise much needed funds to pay mainly for some of the books our students are being provided with this year. 

We ask you to return the money collected from the chocolate sales to the school as soon as possible. The due date has already passed and if you have sold the chocolates please return the envelope.