Zenon Taverna Night

Saturday 21st October 2017


Lexi Meze Bar & Tavern

(Thanassis Tavern)

105-107 Poath Road, Hughesdale

Zenon is organising a Zenon Taverna Night for parents and friends. We know how hard you work throughout the year to support your children with Greek language learning. This is an opportunity for you to come and enjoy a night of Greek culture. So, organise your numbers and lets have fun in one of the famous local Greek tavernas! 

Let us know immediately if you're interested. We'd love you to be there. Show your interest by following this link ( https://zenon-education.org.au/family-taverna-night/ ) and putting your name down, along with how many persons, or emailing us. 

NOTE: This is a parents' night only. Book your seats now!

RSVP asap!


Supported by the Zenon Parents' Committee


Zenon Education is communicating with families mainly using email. Please ensure that our email address is in your safe emails; otherwise Zenon messages may end up in spam/junk folder.