Newsletter Nov 2017

Dear Parent,

What a fantastic year we have all had at Zenon in 2017

Here we are with the final important dates for your diary.

Zenon Concert

Our School concert will be held on Monday 27th November, time 7.00pm, at the Prest Room of Wesley College, Elsternwick (next to School Office) .

The students are inviting you to come and see them present Greek Christmas theme traditions and carols. Entry is free for all.

Students are expected to arrive at 5.00 pm wearing their Zenon polo-shirt and dark colour pants/skirts and shoes. Please send a snack and drink as usual.

Parents and families come straight to the Prest Room at 7.00pm. Please be on time.

PLEASE NOTE: Students still need to attend the final school day on December 4th.

End of Year Final Day

The last day for students is Monday, 4th December. On this day students will have a language activities program on the theme of Season's Celebrations. Students are expected to be at school at normal times i.e. from 5.00pm to 8.00pm.

Student reports

Your children's reports will be sent home with the students on Final Day (4th Dec 2017). Please check your child's school bag and ensure that you have received the reports. 


School Matters

• Please encourage your children to wear their Zenon polo-shirt as this is part of their school identity and it also assists with our staff identifying our students at any time. The school uniform creates a sense of security and belonging, besides making students feel proud.

• Be punctual at Greek School, arriving before 5.00pm so that we can start the assembly on time, without affecting class times.

Zenon polo-shirt

If you need to purchase the Zenon polo-shirt please contact us as soon as possible with your size. We're waiting to receive a recent order, hopefully we'll have enough for all.


Terms 3 and 4 have been very successful for our students and full of great achievements in community activities. 


Australian-Hellenic Memorial Competition

Our school participated in this competition with 125 entries all of which were of high standard. Seven of our students were awarded in this competition and received their prizes at the Hellenic Memorial on Sunday 22nd October. 

The winners were:

• Chloe Kaskanis, Yrs 1 - 3, 1st prize, $100

• Thomas Varelas, Yrs 1 - 3, Encouragement, $50

• Alexandra Koulianos, Yrs 1 - 3, Encouragement, $50

• Jorges Andriopoulos, Yrs 4 - 6, 2nd prize, $75

• Isabella Zavitsanos, Yrs 4 - 6, Encouragement, $50

• James Xydias, Yrs 7 - 9,  3rd prize, $75

• Panayiota Karambatos, Yrs 10 - 12,  3rd prize, $100



Dimosthenes Speech Competition 

Organised by the Modern Greek Teachers Association. Two of our Year 9 students participated and both were amongst the winners receiving second and third prizes.

Well done to Helena Papakos and Georgia Tsafoulis who presented exceptional speeches in front of an audience and the judges on the topic of "A trip of my dreams". 


SBS Language Australian-wide language competition - "What does learning Greek mean to me"

The following students worked hard preparing a 30 secs speech which was submitted in video format and did fantastically well. The speeches will be on Zenon's website soon for all to enjoy. 

• James Xydias - Yr 9

• Jorges Andriopoulos - Yr 5

• Theonakis Themistokleous-Georgiadis - Prep

• Constantina Themistokleous-Georgiadou - Yr 2

Congratulations to all students who participated in the competitions and in particular to those who won prizes. We thank the students' families for their encouragement and support to the children.


Greek National "OXI" Day - 28 October & Grandparents Day

How exciting and how moving it was to see all students parade with pride holding their Greek flags and celebrating in the school yard. The children also presented songs, poems and speeches and dancing to their parents and grandparents who were present. A great day to remember as we look forward to next year's celebrations.


Greek Tradition Immersion

On Monday 13th November, we had the privilege to be visited by Mrs Helen Koutroulis who came prepared to show students the traditional ways of Greek life in the past compared to practices of the present day. She explained in detail a wide range of traditions even bread-making and embroidery. Mrs Paraskevi Cacoutas also came along and presented some rare family keepsakes and memorabilia, which aroused students' interest and awareness on their cultural heritage.

The session completed with all class teachers involving students in language activities, and presenting a chosen theme from what they witnessed. 


Zenon Parents Taverna Night

On Saturday 21st October a cheerful group of our parents attended the Zenon Taverna Night, where we all had an enjoyable time away from home in a fun filled atmosphere with Greek food, music and dancing.

Thank to everyone who came along supporting this event as getting together means that we're a supportive and lively community.

The Taverna Night, although not a fund-raising event, brought a small amount of funds for the school which together with some other funds raised in our Pizza-night back in August has gone towards organising our VCE trophies and farewell celebrations.


Some photos from the Parents' Taverna Night


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