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Χαρείτε μαζί μας!

Become acquainted with the ancient Greeks this summer at the Hellenic Museum

The Hellenic Museum is offering a series of informative, relaxed and entertaining short courses over one week in January 2018.

Classes will be presented by Dr Christopher Gribbin, who has lectured at Melbourne, Monash and La Trobe Universities and founded the University of Melbourne's Classics Summer School, and has run it since 2002. Christopher is well regarded as a clear and enthusiastic lecturer who loves to share his passion about the ancient world with the community.

A social and enjoyable way to learn about the fascinating and thought-provoking world of the ancient Greeks, classes cover Classical Mythology, ancient Greek theatre, the life of Socrates, and love and relationships in ancient Greece.

No prior knowledge is required and everyone is welcome!

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Your Zenon Greek school is here for further language and cultural experiences!


Summer Cinema is Back!

After sell out screenings in 2017, The Hellenic Museum's Summer Cinema is back in 2018. Running across February in the leafy courtyard of the former Royal Mint Building, the program will include a lineup of Greek cinema classics. Names such as Irene Papas, Nikos Kourkoulos, Vanessa Redgrave and Catherine Hepburn will light up the big screen in this outdoor Athenian style cinema.

And next year's movie line up will pay particular tribute to one of Greece's silver screen and stage greats, Zoe Laskari, who sadly died aged 72 in August this year.

Most screenings are Rated M

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