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    Student name has to be EXACTLY as enrolled at Day school

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    PLEASE NOTE at least one primary contact mobile number is required.

    Also, at least one primary contact email address is required.

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    (It is important to provide an email address that is read regularly, in order that you avoid missing important messages from Zenon)
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    (It is important to provide at least one email address that is read regularly, in order to avoid missing important emails from Zenon)
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    Does the student suffer from any allergies?

    Anaphylaxis instructions

    Please provide the school with a copy of your Action Plan and ensure your child's EPIPEN is in the school bag:

    Food or other Allergy

    Please provide more information about any food the child is allergic to:

    Asthma instructions

    Please provide details of any medication carried to school and instructions on how to use it:

    MEDICAL EMERGENCY PLAN: If you have a medical emergency plan provided by a doctor/practitioner can we please ask for a copy?


     Any other Medical Condition?

    Other condition

     What condition?
    Please provide more details or instructions and ensure your child's medication (if any) is in the school bag:


    It is required that you provide an alternative emergency contact (NOT A Parent contact) in case the school is unable to contact the parents in an emergency.
    We always contact parents first.

    Emergency Contact Details*

    Full Name: Phone # :



    I give permission for my child to participate in any appropriate school media activities. This permission includes the right to be photographed or filmed in a school activity by the school, press or television networks. Photos or videos could be published in any or all of the following: school newsletter, school website, newspapers or other print media. I understand and agree that if I wish to withdraw this authorization it will be my responsibility to inform the school in writing.


    I understand that in case of an emergency such as an injury or the child becomes ill during school hours, I give permission to the school to call an ambulance or a medical practitioner to cater for my child’s medical needs, where I cannot be contacted. Zenon cannot be held responsible for tending to student health issues if these have not been disclosed to the school by the parents.



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    Parent/Guardian Privacy Consent and Declaration

    I confirm that the information provided on this enrolment form is true and correct and I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment accompanying this enrolment form. I consent to:
    - the collection of my child’s health and personal information by the community language school;
    - the community language school disclosing my child’s personal information contained in this enrolment form to the Department of Education and Training for data verification and funding purposes;
    - the Principal or teacher (where the Principal or teacher in charge is unable to contact me) to administer such first aid to my child as the Principal or staff member may consider to be reasonably necessary including disclosing personal and health information to professional third parties in the event of a medical emergency.

    I have read the Terms and Conditions

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    Where did you first hear about Zenon: Online searchSocial MediaA friendA family memberAd in the paperStreet signPast Zenon studentOther

    Important: The school's preferred method of communication is Email.

    Please white-list Zenon's email addresses " @" and "info @" in your email settings. If you don't, school emails may end up in junk.
    Also, please observe guideline dates when invoiced about school fees.

    If you have an issue with the above enrolment page… please download this form, complete it and email it back to Zenon Education Centre: info @ —-

    Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your personal information with anyone other than the Department of Education where appropriate or use your information for any other purpose. You can read our full Privacy Statement here.