cover-historyThis is a beautiful edition by Constantine Paparrigopoulos (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Παπαρρηγόπουλος; 1815 – 14 April 1891) a Greek historian, who is considered the founder of modern Greek historiography. He is the founder of the concept of historical continuity of Greece from antiquity to the present, establishing the tripartite division of Greek history in ancient, medieval and modern, and sought to set aside the prevailing views at the time that the Byzantine Empire was a period of decadence and degeneration, not recognized as part of Greek history.


The set comes in a wonderfully crafted box with two other gold framed boxes inside containing 13 CDs each.

We cannot recommend this highly enough from Paparrigopoulos. There is nothing better. It is the true history of Greece from 1000 BC to the Greek Revolution of 1821, bound in a wonderful digital collection of 26 CDs.


Priced at $80 for the whole digital collection.