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This is the authentic history of Greek Folk Song. The best collection of books and CDs that is so much ahead of the rest of the albums.

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ΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΥ – Stratos Dionysiou was born in Nigrita, Serres prefecture, to Asia Minor refugees Angelos and Stasa Dionysiou. At age 13, he lost his father. These early childhood experiences would have a deep impact on the style of Stratos’ music, and were a great influence to him. Dionysiou went to work as a tailor and was married, at age 20, to Georgia Laveni. The couple would have four children. While still working as a tailor, he also appeared in night clubs in Thessaloniki, where he had moved to.

ΠΑΝΟΣ ΓΑΒΑΛΑΣ – Panos Gavalas was born November 26, 1926 at Kesariani, Athens. Since his early years he loved music and learned to play instruments like the guitar, Hawaiian guitar, harmonica and bouzouki. He also did a little singing. First as an amateur singer, then emerged as a professional in the early 1950s, at a time where the music stage was dominated by artists the likes of Stratos Payioumtzis, Prodromos Tsaousakis, Stelios Kazantzidis, Grigoris Bithikotsis and many more.