Get on the Zenon School Bus

Here you can Register to our school’s website

At Zenon administration we have made this page available to Zenon families because we heard your requests. To re-enroll all children every year is a mundane task which many parents prefer to do without, especially when their contact details, Day schools and medical conditions stay the same for students. As a result, and in order that families can keep their contact details always up to date, not having to re-enroll each and every year and be able to easily update them, when contact details change, we have made it easier.

However as a parent, you must inform the school of any contact detail changes. It is a Department of Education regulation to keep everything current. Most important are email and phone numbers, medical conditions, Day school name changes i.e. when students graduate, and residential address changes.

Once registered the parent has control of their family’s record at Zenon Education and can access it easily using the registered email address. If you already registered and wish to change some detail, we will send you an email message, from this page, to confirm the Registration. When you receive that email please click on the link provided. The link will take you to your records which you can complete/update online and then save them.