Zenon Parent Survey

The following questions relate to your experience of the learning activities offered to students in Term 2 at Zenon.

  • Pre-recorded weekly lessons (with reading, exercises and grammar)
  • Live class via Zoom (ranging from 30-45 minutes depending on Year level)


    Full parent name please*

    1. My child/ren watched the pre-recorded lessons delivered by their teacher on the school website.

    2. My child/ren were interested and engaged when watching the pre-recorded lessons.

    3. If the pre-recorded lesson was replaced by a second live class in Zoom, would you prefer that?


    4. My experience of the length of the weekly live classes delivered via Zoom was that they were:

    Provide more detail if necessary

    5. My child/ren enjoyed the online live classes delivered via Zoom in Term 2:

    If Never, please explain the reason, or what aspects were not enjoyed?

    6. Regardless of the current pandemic, the online program (including both the pre-recorded videos and live classes) suited my child/ren:


    If No, please explain how you think the online program could be changed to suit your child/ren better:

    7. Do you intend for your child/ren to continue at Zenon in Term 3?


    If No, please explain the reason.

    8. If you have any general feedback on how the lessons can be improved, please let us know.

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    Thank you for completing this survey. Your time in providing this feedback is much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you back in Term 3.

    Andrea Garivaldis

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