Greek National Day – 25th March 1821

The projects you see here are those that children have made for Greek Independence Day, 25th March. These projects were awarded by the school and the children who created them received certificates of achievement from their teacher Mrs A. Garivaldis shown here while receiving their award.

Οι εργασίες που βλέπετε εδώ είναι αυτές που έκαναν τα παιδιά για την Εθνική Εορτή της Ελλάδας την 25η Μαρτίου. Οι εργασίες αυτές βραβεύτηκαν από τη Σχολή Ζήνων και τα παιδιά που τις έκαναν εικονίζονται με τη δασκάλα τους την κυρία Α. Γαριβάλδη την ώρα της παρουσίασης των βραβείων.

Projects 2010

Easter 2010 Traditions

Here we have the projects done by children at Zenon for Easter 2010 celebrations.