Our Motto

“To my father I owe my life; to my teacher, the quality of my life”
“Στον πατέρα μου χρωστάω το ‘ζειν’, στον δάσκαλό μου το ‘ευ ζειν’”

By Alexander the Great

Zenon Aims

  • To provide our students with quality educational programs which will assist them reach their full potential in learning Greek as a second language and contribute to their academic performance.
  • To provide students with strong and solid foundations in the Greek language and culture in an innovating, interesting and fun way and by instilling in them a consciousness of their Greek heritage and identity. Our objective is to allow students to reach their full potential of learning the Greek language, and to develop as confident, bilingual individuals.
  • As a language school with a high profile in the community and a set of high goals aiming for excellence, we believe that we will grow and develop hand in hand with our students.