The Greek Language

Language is a multi-powered communication medium since it allows a person to express their simplest and most complex daily needs. It is with language that we express our feelings, ideas and ideals and everyday information exchange. With language friendships and relationships between people can flourish stemming from initial introductions.

It is with language that we can also externalise this other integral part of our being, our thoughts, and our imagination. And let us not forget that every feat of mankind developed first in someone’s imagination.

More than that a second language has a lot to offer in opening and widening the scope and agility of a person’s mind. This language can be Greek, for it carries the glorious and unprecedented history of the Hellenes and their unequivocally positive impact to the western civilisation..

In order to learn a language thoroughly one must start early in life. The mind then develops in such a way where it can accept complex and powerful stimuli for the child. Zenon aims to stimulate the brain with positive culture and identity building experiences.