Awards received by Zenon Students & Staff over the years…

At Zenon we are Proud of our Students, especially those who make the extra effort to take part in community and government organised literary competitions. And our students have won numerous awards over the years and here we’re making an honest attempt to list these awards in order to make them feel satisfied that they have learned a great deal from taking part. Of course it is not all students that are awarded, however the value is to participate and in this manner enrich your grasp not only of the Greek language and culture, but also of the wider Victorian and Australian community we live in. Please follow the following links for detailed information on the subject since 2010.

In 2017 SBS organised an Australia wide competition for students learning a second language, to create a short video of why they’re learning that language. For our students Greek is the language of our tradition, our ancestors, our culture. Hence here are some of the videos created by our students. Here they are in the uncut versions of the videos.

Theonakis Themistocleous (Year 1)


Constantina Georgiadou (Year 4)

Our students did not receive an award, however they have performed extremely well. Congratulations to them and their teachers.