hm_awards_2016_0006It pleases us to say that Zenon Education students have received another lot of three awards for the work they accomplished in the Australian Hellenic Memorial Competition. Each prize carries a monetary award as well as a certificate.

Students, their parents and their teachers made it to the beautiful gardens at the Shrine of Remembrance on Sunday 11th September 2016 at 12:30pm and received their awards. In the photographs below you will see the photos we took from the Ceremony. It is worth mentioning that this Greek Monument is the only monument other than the Shrine at the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Melbourne.


First Name then Surname
Age Category
Zoe Stamopoulos 1 – 3 Zenon Education Centre 1st $100
Jorges Andriopoulos 4 – 6 Zenon Education Centre Encouragement $50
Aggeliki Tsafoulis 10 – 12 Zenon Education Centre 1st $250

[vsw id=”oPVtrlqehZY” source=”youtube” width=”680″ height=”480″ autoplay=”yes”]

We are proud of the above students and all students who participated with their works, about 30 this year. It is important to remember that students who take part in these competitions not only they get satisfaction out of their creativity, not only they can received an award, but they also learn about the Greek Culture, the rich Greek history, traditions and heritage.

Below are some photos from the award ceremony. We’re proud of our students and proud of the parents who are making the effort to teach them about the Greek language and culture.

Hellenic Memorial Awards 2016