The Myth of Persephone

A Classical Performance

This is the time of the year when everyone of the Zenon families was called to support the school in its effort to teach students about Greek tradition, its meaning and the benefits which can be drawn by understanding it; and what a success it was !

“The Myth of Persephone” is the theme for the Concert 2016 at Zenon Education, making it a grand success since more than 100 students will be involved, with more than 100 costumes being created during the year. In addition all teaching and administrative staff have been working hard to make this Concert not only a success for the school, but more importantly a never before repeated success for our students.

Time: November 11th, at 6.00pm, at the Auditorium of the City of Glen Eira, you saw your child perform at their best, when they put an enormous amount of effort into it.


As it happened… more coming