Zenon Scholarships

The Zenon Education Centre Scholarships Program is most generous and comprehensive among all Australian language schools. It rewards the outstanding academic achievement of students, as well as their ethos and effort for high achievement and excellence. At Zenon we are committed to providing opportunities to those who might otherwise be excluded from language study due to socio-economic, cultural, linguistic and other disadvantages.

The list of scholarships includes:

  1. Student of the Year for High Academic Achievement, combined with ethos.
  2. Student Award for Excellence for effort over and above school work and expectations
  3. Student low family income award

Families can only apply for the Student Low Family income scholarship should they have difficulties in paying school fees. Eligibility is limited to families with a combined annual income of less than $40,000. Zenon Education’s aim is to provide Greek language tuition to all students who wish to learn the language irrespective of the family’s ability to pay. Please note that in this case proof of income may be required.

All other scholarships are assessed by the Principal and Zenon Administration and are presented to students at the last function in anyone year. All scholarships will vary depending on the case. They range from a generous gift to the student at the end of any academic year to a full annual fee waiver.

Students who receive the Student of the Year award in the past were:

  • Nicholas Nezis – 2013
  • Katerina Graham – 2014
  • George Zagoudis – 2015
  • James Ganas – 2016
  • Alegra Curnow – 2016

Zenon Education Centre is proud of these students and wishes them all the best in their future academic studies and goals.