How to white-list emails

There is a worldwide phenomenon with email servers which is causing problems for organisations and individuals who wish to send legitimate emails to their contacts. This stems from the fact that email servers need to filter spam and junk emails to the recipients. What happens is email servers use a variety of criteria to determine whether an email is spam/junk or can be delivered to the inbox of the recipient. If, after the examination of the content, the server decides that the email is not legitimate it will send it to a spam or Junk folder and not the inbox. Junk/Spam folders get cleared eventually of all content.

This affects mass emailing through distribution lists and is the reason, most of the time, why recipients are not receiving wanted emails.

Both email servers of Microsoft and Google are doing this, but luckily there is something that can be done to fix the problem of not receiving emails from certain groups or individuals even though you want to see them.

In order to fix this issue the recipient of the email is the only person who can do it. Here we provide instructions on how this can be achieved:

For Microsoft (,, accounts

If you suspect that Zenon website emails are ending up in your “Junk Email” folder do the following:
  1. Open your email in any browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  2. Click on the “Junk Email” folder which is sitting under the Inbox folder on the left.
  3. Find an email from Zenon, or the Zenon website.
  4. Select it
  5. Click on the button “Not Junk” on top (next to the Archive)
That’s it. You should start getting the emails again into your Inbox.
The short video below should help you, if you do not understand the instructions.
Press “play”

For Google gmail accounts (

  1. Login to your email
  2. Slelect the Spam folder on the left under the Inbox folder
  3. Find the email from Zenon and select it
  4. Find the button “Not junk” on top and press it.

From now on you should be getting the emails. You can also play the video below to watch how its done.