Term 3 – 2020


Zenon online sessions continuing until this message is removed. We will inform all families well before we are ready to move back into the proper classrooms. Please read “Staged Return to School” document from the Department of Education on the right of this page for more information ———>

Pre-school Classes – Προδημοτική

Primary School Classes – Τάξεις Δημοτικού Σχολείου

Secondary School Classes – Τάξεις Γυμνασίου

Information for parents/students on Zoom online sessions

  • Please ensure that your child is setup with their books prior to the lesson starting.
  • Choose a quiet room in the house away from distractions (TV, dinner time etc).
  • All microphones should generally be turned on during the lesson unless otherwise stated by the teacher at the beginning of the class. If turned off and want to speak just press the spacebar on the keyboard and when finished speaking you can let go.
  • Students are to keep their video on for the duration of the lesson.
  • Ensure that your child has had a snack and drink prior to commencing the lesson, not during.
  • Students are to physically raise their hand if they wish to speak (just like in our regular classrooms).
  • Students are not encouraged to use the chat feature on Zoom unless told otherwise by their teacher.