Greek Theatre for Students

Hippo Greek Theatre Group “The Masquerade Dance” at Zenon

Friday, August 3rd at 5:15pm to 6:15pm, Sherwood Centre – Malvern Valley Primary school

Hippo Theatre Group is a renown theatrical group based in Athens presenting shows around the world specifically for children.
The show presented to our students is a modern Sci-Fi storytelling with many influences from musical theatre. It depicts the ideal of respect in difference developed as a comedy. The title is “The Masquerade Dance”. It is an acted Fairy Tale accompanied by music.

The performance runs for 60 minutes and it’s appropriate for our students, particularly Kinder to Year 8. After the performance a drama workshop follows involving students in short theatrical games. Zenon has been satisfied that our students enjoyed the performance in the past and we have again undertaken to bring the group to our school for students. Please be aware this is only for designed with young students in mind.

Tickets are $10 per student but Zenon will cover the cost for everyone who attends. So, it will be provided for free to all our students. All Zenon students from all campuses (Malvern Valley (Friday and Saturday), Phoenix Park (Tuesday) and Wesley-Elsternwick (Monday) can participate and have great fun. It will be an excellent opportunity of immersion in the Greek language and culture. Friday class students will be already at the venue of the theatre, so you just bring your children at the normal time. Classes will continue after the show and finish at 8.00pm. Students from other campuses and days please arrive at Malvern Valley at 5.05pm and report your name to a staff member. You will find us in the school hall.

We’ ll be glad to see all students come.


Ο Χορός των Μεταμφιεσμένων

Η διεθνής ομάδα Hippo Theatre Group παρουσιάζει το θεατρικό έργο “Ο Χορός των Μεταμφιεσμένων“. Πρόκειται για μια σωματοποιημένη αφήγηση παραμυθιού, με τη συνοδία μουσικής. Η παράσταση δομείται με επίκεντρο το σώμα και τη φωνή των ηθοποιών. Γρήγοροι ρυθμοί, άφθονο χιούμορ, καταιγιστική δράση και στιγμές έντονης συγκίνησης είναι μερικά από τα συστατικά που συνθέτουν ένα πληθωρικό ψυχαγωγικό θέαμα.

Θέμα της παράστασης είναι ο σεβασμός στη διαφορετικότητα.

Παίζουν: Αποστόλης Κουτσιανικούλης, Ανδρομάχη Μακρίδου, Αλέξανδρος Ράπτης
Σκηνικά – Kοστούμια: Κατερίνα Χατζοπούλου
Σχεδιασμός δραστηριοτήτων Εκπαιδευτικού Θεάτρου: Hippo Theatre Group, Καλλιόπη Φύκαρη
Κίνηση: Μίκα Στεφανάκη
Σκηνοθεσία- μουσική – κείμενο: Hippo Theatre Group (Φώτης Δούσος, Αλέξανδρος Ράπτης)


Here we also have some photos from the show last time. Students seemed to be having a wonderful night. Entry is free for our families and all school campus students are welcome.

Futuria 2016