Greek Drama Class

Zenon Education over the years has focused on students learning not only the language their parents/ grandparents speak, but also learning about the culture they brought with them, a culture that is recognised the world over as the building block and strengthening of the family.

We are proud of our students dancing at our different functions, but Zenon Education now wants to involve the students even more in language immersion by introducing our Greek Drama Class. This class is only for students who wish to be part of, those who are creative and interested enough to learn from it. There is a Chinese proverb that goes something like this “Tell me and some day I may forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand”. This is exactly what we want students at Zenon to do, remember and understand.


The benefits that Drama can bring to language learning are really tremendous. Read this page and what Matt Buchanan (educator) has to say about Drama in the classroom.

But we know that Drama can combine a number of lessons for the interested student:

  • Drama can teach history
  • Can teach traditions
  • Can provide interaction and new friendships
  • Boosts confidence and collaboration
  • Public speaking and debate
  • Tolerance and empathy
  • But most of all it drives effectively Communication

At Zenon we are convinced that we can make fast Greek language learning rewarding, fun and exciting, by teaching it through Drama. If you as a parent feel that you can ask your child on their preferences, and your child can and is willing to participate, please encourage him / her to put their name down below. The Greek Drama class, which will be using simple Greek everyday language, will will only accept students who definitely wish to participate as we understand that a child needs to love what they’re doing before they excel at it.

Furthermore, this is a free service to our students and families and we’re getting geared up to excel at it.

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