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Tips for Helping Your Kids with their Homework

How much homework should your child bring home? According to veteran teachers a popular guideline for assigning homework is about 10 minutes each night for year 1, plus an additional 10 minutes for each successive year. That’s 10 minutes for a year 1 student, 30 minutes for a year-3, and 70 minutes for a year-7 student. While guidelines are a good idea, remember that teachers do assign work at different rates, depending on what they’re doing in the classroom.

Giving students an excessive amount of homework in the early years can turn them away from learning. It also robs young kids of the chance to do other activities after spending six or more hours on academic work in the classroom in total. It’s only when kids reach Year 6 that the amount of homework they do is directly related to how well they achieve in school. Before then, the effect of homework on achievement is almost nonexistent.

If you’re concerned about homework, the best approach is to work through the parent-teacher organization to have the school establish a homework policy. As far as taming the homework monster goes, it’s said that the best defence is a good offense. In this case, that means organization and good study habits! The following tips will help your child stay on top of his or her assignments.

  1. Have him use an assignment notebook, so he knows what homework is required each day.
  2. Introduce a planning calendar and show her how to use it when she begins to have long-term assignments.
  3. Your child should preview his assignments each day, and decide the order in which he will do them. It’s best to get the tougher tasks out of the way first!
  4. Teach her to review her work frequently.
  5. Get him an organizer, and show him how to organize all his school papers.
  6. Have her use a book bag to transport books and papers.
  7. Encourage him to establish a regular time for doing homework.
  8. She should keep old quizzes and tests to prepare for future tests.
  9. Eliminate distractions like phone calls and television during homework time.
  10. Establish a regular place for doing homework.