Nikos Lygeros PhD Visits Zenon

We are proud to announce the visit of a very intelligent mathematician, philosopher, historian, poet and an expert on many other disciplines to Zenon. His name is Nikos Lygeros PhD born in Volos, Greece and now serving as a researcher at Lyon University, France.

He has too many abilities to mention here but you can find about him on the net, either in English, French of Greek languages. He appears on many TV shows and hundreds of youtube pages, where people are glued to the screen to listen to him. He has an IQ of 189 and is one of the 50 most intelligent people in the world.

He will be visiting Zenon to speak to our students and Parents in separate sessions. The topic we chose for students is “The meaning behind ‘Homer’s Odyssey’“, which is the theme that our students have been working on all year. This way we will instil upon them the importance of Ancient Greek history and culture.

Parents will be able to hear him on a separate session and on the same day. Please put your name down if you can make it.

He will be doing two sessions between these hours:

  • Friday 7th September 2018: 5.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Students only will attend session 5:00 – 6:30pm / topic “The Meaning of Homer’s Odyssey
  • Parents/friends can attend session 7:00 – 8:00pm / topic “The significance of Greek Language in our world

We look forward to seeing anyone from Zenon families and friends attend. This is a free service by Zenon to all families; we should take the opportunity and make the most of it.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr Costas Antoniadis, President of the Pontian Community of Melbourne, for his assistance in organising the visit of Prof Nikos Lygeros to Zenon.