Zenon Cook Book

Sample Cookbook page and important information:

Recommendations for your recipe (each family will be allocated upto two pages in the book):

  • One to four high resolution photos of the food on a clear background
  • One drawing of the recipe by your children (either scanned and attached to the email or give to the class teacher)
  • Describe your Ingredients and Instructions clearly.
  • Quantities to be as precise as possible, e.g. cup (250 mL), grams, mL, teaspoon, tablespoon etc
  • Total preparation and cooking time
  • Number of serves
  • Provide a concise information (approx. 100 words) about the historical and cultural background, handed down in the family for example “Origin of recipe…” and other hand-down explanation

Recipe preferences submitted so far

V. DimosRizogalo recipe (sweet rice pudding)
N. SprekosGalaktoboureko
M. GournasMelomakarona (honey and walnut)1. Skordalia (potato garlic dip)
2. Koulouria (traditional easter biscuits)
Z. KatsanosGalaktoboureko
LoupetisTsoureki (Easter bread)
BogdanisPaximadia (Παξιμάδια)