About the Book Mindfulness is a form of mental training that has been widely practiced for millennia, however it’s only recently that science and clinical practice have discovered the profound potential of mindfulness-based practices for increasing our well being. Our tendency to not be fully present in life has vast […]

Mindfulness for Life

PA group members this year, as an extra activity in June, participated around the clock in the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, which attracted more than $1100 for our school. This activity was organised for the first time and the funds collected helped tremendously with class material and activities for our students.

Sausage sizzle

Tips for Helping Your Kids with their Homework How much homework should your child bring home? According to veteran teachers a popular guideline for assigning homework is about 10 minutes each night for year 1, plus an additional 10 minutes for each successive year. That’s 10 minutes for a year […]

Homework help