Our Sister-School in Larnaca

Ευχές από το αδερφό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Ζήνων και τη Διευθύντρια κυρία Σούλα Αβραάμ (Ιανουάριος 2020). Αγαπητή κυρία Άντρια Γαριβάλδη ευχόμαστε …

Cyprus 2019

On Sunday, March 31st 2019, a number of our students took part in the commemoration of the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and justice to their small country in the Eastern Mediterranean. The event took place at the Cyprus Community of Melbourne venue in Brunswick.

Greek Flag Raising

On Monday 25th March 2019, for the first time in Melbourne, the Greek National flags have been raised on the eight Federation Square masts along St Kilda Road at the very center of our city.

Zenon Cook Book

Exciting times ahead. A ZENON FAMILY COOK BOOK !
Be part of it.
All Zenon Families can participate.
All sorts of recipes make up the Greek cuisine.

Year 2019 blessing

On Monday, 4th February 2019, Zenon classes started firstly at Wesley College and the sight was more encouraging than expected. Mrs Helen Koutroulis, our Drama Teacher / Co-ordinator of 2018 which brought much success to our activities during that year as well as happiness to the students involved, took us through an iconic blessing of classes.

Junior Concert 2014


Concert 2014 Elsternwick

Concert 2014 Juniors

Homework books

Βιβλίο γραμματικής ΣΤ’ (year 6) έως Α’ Λυκείου (year 10) Επιμέλεια – Άντρια Γαριβάλδη Ιάκωβος Γαριβάλδης Σεμέλη Δρυμωνίτη Please wait …

All Classes Homework

Homework already uploaded on the website (by Class) ΤΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ Ακρόπολη [cfdb-table form=”Homework Upload Acropolis” show=”Title,File,Submitted” role=”Anyone” orderby=”Title” limit=”10″] Ιθάκη …

Ώρα και Μήνες

Τα αρχεία εδώ παραχωρούνται με σκοπό να γίνει η διδαχή της ώρας στο ρολόι και του χρόνου (μήνες κλπ) πιο ευχάριστη για τα παιδιά εφόσον το θεωρήσουν παιχνίδι παίζοντας με καρτέλες. Το μάθημα μπορεί να πάρει περισσότερο από μια βδομάδα να διδαχτεί, οπότε είναι καλό να υπάρχει υλικό για το δάσκαλο / τη δασκάλα.